Dash Masternode Payments Information V3
Last update: Thu Sep 20 06:20:06 CEST 2018 (updates every 10 min)
Masternode Status:
Client Version: 120303       (Please Update to this Version!)
Network Hashrate: 1935688.70 GH/s
Last Block: 940384
Hash: 000000000000001798b402639acf37853447cc1778e758428e116f4c261c2a14
Last Difficulty: 83129062.15
Average Difficulty (last 288 blocks): 72131881.65
Current Number of Masternodes: 4788
Payment Enforcement Status: ON since Thu Jan 1 01:00:00 CET 1970
Expected Payment per Masternode: every 8.73 days
Real Life Payment Interval: 4624.1 blocks (Avg. from last 20 payments)
Exchange Rate (Avg. from top 5 exchanges): 191.33 USD
Average Reward for last Blocks: 3.35 DASH
Average Reward from last Blocks for Miners: 1.67 DASH
Average Reward from last Blocks for Masternodes: 1.67 DASH
Estimated Payment per Masternode: 0.19164 DASH / day
Estimated Payment (Avg. from top 5 exchanges): $ 36.67 / day (31.39 € / day)
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Note: the payment result is computed with the average difficulty from the last 288 blocks
and therefore changes with every block. Payment fees are NOT included!
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